ScanCard – Business Card Reader is a professional business card scanning application. With OCR (Optical Character Recognitiontechnology, it is able to scan business cards and retrieve contact information within them.  

Main features:

- Capture business cards: one by one or batch capture

- Automatically recognize business cards: Support 12 languages, average time for recognition is around 3 seconds, and recognition accuracy rate is above 90%

- Contact editing: Check and edit the recognition results, save contact information to phone address book. You can also add some extra contact fields that doesn’t appear on the business card.

- Business card management: 

- Share business card via email or other applications

- Create new group, move to new group, 

- add to Favorites 

- search any business card with keywords, 

- sort business cards by contact name, company name or created time

You can download ScanCard - Business Card Reader for Android:

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