Now Optical Character Recognition become more and more popular in data entry. Yunmai Chinese Citizen ID Card OCR SDK is developed by Yunmai Technology company, the SDK provide the OCR technology for developers, and it is tailored for recognizing Chinese citizen ID cards. 

Some government department or company accept Chinese citizen ID card and need to keep the card information, if there has not the employee who can read and type Chinese, it would be a problem. Normally they make a copy of the ID card and archive the hard copy, but it is not easy to maintain these kind of information.

Yunmai ID Card OCR technology bring an innovative way to manage Chinese citizen ID cards. No employee know Chinese? It is no more a problem, you just need to distinguish whether the card in hand is Chinese Citizen ID card or not, it is easy, you can use a sample image to compare with. After that, the OCR engine will scan the card and extra the ID information. It means just a capture, a Chinese citizen ID card information will be saved to your database.

Now there have 1.3 billion Chinese, about 20 percentage of the total population in the world. Chinese ID cards and licenses management become a problem that a lot of departments or company need to solve. Yunmai Technology is a professional OCR technology development company, their OCR SDKs have great advantage in recognizing Chinese characters. So far, the company have developed a series of OCR SDKs and software, the products have been applied in all kinds of industries, such as telecom companies, police department, e-business website, etc.

The process of OCR engine

- Get image

- Blur detection

- Text lines segmentation

- Characters segmentation

- Character feature extraction

- Characters matching

- Handling End of line

- Automatic words segmentation

- Characters detection

Accuracy rate and OCR engine efficiency (reference)

- ID card recognition accuracy

The average recognition accuracy rate for the Chinese citizen ID card is 98%.

- OCR SDK efficiency

The engine process recognizing a Chinese citizen ID card will take about 0.2 seconds for average.

Programming language supported

The BCR SDK is available for different programming languages: Java, C++, C, Object Pascal, Objective-C.

Other recognition SDKs we developed

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