Business cards are commonly used in business conferences (conventions) and trade shows. Business cards play an important role in collecting potential lead information which can be used in your CRM software to systematize your customer relationship management.


Why you need to integrate Business Card Recognition SDK into your CRM software?

When you need to input business cards information into CRM software. Users often manually type the cards information which is not only tedious, time consuming and labor intensive: it is also error prone and costly. With Yunmai business recognition SDK, which is based on OCR (Optical Character Recognition), enables you to automatically extract the card information from an image in 2 seconds. By integrating Yunmai’s business card recognition SDK into your CRM software that will reduce manual processing costs and improve the data extraction quality and portability. Furthermore, it will improve your CRM experience with good feature and retain your users longer in your CRM software. 


Key Features

-Instantly extract the following info from the business cards: Name, Company, Job title, Department, Phone numbers, Fax numbers, E-mail addresses, Addresses

-Read business cards from 12 languages, including: English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Dutch.

-High recognition accuracy: above 96%.

-Fast recognition: a business card takes less than 2 seconds to be recognized on smart phones

-Small footprint: Yunmai business card recognition SDK takes less than 5MB of memory

-Supports Android,iOS and PC (Windows/Linux) platforms

-The integration to your mobile app or PC software only takes 20 minutes.



With Yunmai business card recognition, users can snap a photo of a business card to automatically create a contact record in your CRM software on the road. This new feature will help users reduce the time for data entry and enhance the quality of data extraction. Moreover, you can share recognized business card info with your colleagues and partners immediately that will expand your business network and make customer relationship management easier.