Banking Card Recognition, developed by Yunmai Technology, is designed for entering a large amount of bank card information, such as bank name, card number and bank card type. With (Optical Character Recognition) OCR technology, Banking Card Reader will automatically recognize the card picture you captured, then extract the card’s information. People are able to input the card information without having to retype it. 

Shopping online through mobile phones is now more and more popular. It is important to simplify mobile operating procedures to promote mobile phone payment. During online shopping, sometimes the users need to input bank card information to pay for goods. It may take a long time for them to retype the card number and other information. Banking Card Recognition will help them reduce mistakes during information entry.

Yunmai Banking Card Reader can recognize many kinds of bank cards, such as printed or pressed card. It has been installed by millions of users for its high efficiency of bank card data entries.For example, for shipping companies, when clients are going to pay for the express fee with bank cards, the staff of the company can use the software to easily scan the bank cards, retrieve the information and get the payment. 

Yunmai Banking Card Recognition can also achieve real time card recognition. Users only need to directly point the camera to the card, and the information will be automatically extracted from it. 

Banking Card Recognition is widely applied in mobile wallet applications. When registering the account of the mobile wallet, users will need to link up a credit or debit card to use for payments. Take Apple Pay as an example, Apple Pay was launched in 2015. It is a mobile payment and digital wallet service by Apple Inc. Setting up cards is easy. You can use the iPhone’s camera to capture the info on the front of the card: account number, card holder name, expiration date, then verify your card. 

Recognition Accuracy Rate:

The accuracy rate of banking card recognition is higher than 98%.

Recognition Speed:

The average time of a bank card recognition is less than 2.5 seconds.

Related SDK: Banking Card Recognition SDK

A Banking Card Recognition SDK, developed by Yunmai Technology, can be used to scan Bank Card and retrieve info from it. This SDK can be applied to any industries which deal with a lot of Banking Card entries.

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