Yunmai Business Card Recognition SDK provides business card recognition technology for developers. The recognition engine can be integrated with PC software or mobile applications in order to extract contact information from an image of a business card. 

But you can do more than this with the Business Card Recognition SDK. Let’s see how.

Use (Optical Character Recognition) OCR SDK to recognize forms and save time

As you know, the OCR technology brings great benefit on data entry. Though e-document is more and more popular, paper form is still necessary in most enterprises. For example, the accounting team needs to enter a great amount of paper invoices, sales orders, check information, etc. The data entry still cost a lot of labor and by using recognition technology, the accounting department will run more efficiently and cost less for the company. So applying OCR technology in form recognition is a good decision. 

Yunmai Business Card Recognition SDK provides a high accuracy rate and fast recognition of business cards. If you use this OCR engine for form recognition, you also can get good recognition results. 

How BCR SDK work in form recognition?

When you try to use OCR technology to scan and input form information, if the engine recognize the whole document, the recognition results might not reach what your expected, a lot of labor may be required on manual editing. If you divide the form into several smaller parts, and let the OCR SDK recognizes the table segment by segment, each part will get higher accuracy rate of recognition result than of the whole document. So the developer need to work on how to divide the form into pieces, after that, Yunmai business card recognition engine will help you complete the form recognition and get satisfactory results.

Accuracy rate and OCR engine efficiency (reference)

- Character recognition accuracy

The following are the average recognition accuracy for the business cards of different languages: 

English characters: 97%

European characters: 89%

Chinese characters: 95%

These data are obtained on recognizing different format and font size business cards.

- BCR engine efficiency

The engine process the business card recognition will take about 0.6 seconds for PC per card for average.

Programming language supported

The BCR SDK is available for different programming languages: Java, C++, C, Object Pascal, Objective-C.

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